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TwitterMatic is a cloud-hosted application that was build to help in scheduling Twitter updates.

TwitterMatic was created for the new CloudApp() contest:

TwitterMatic is available for download on CodePlex, as a sample application for Windows Azure.

Why schedule Twitter updates?

More and more Internet Professionals are using Twitter as their micro blog. Using TwtterMatic, these people can automate status updates to gain more visibility in their Twitter activity stream.

Some usage scenarios...

  • Inform your followers about interesting links at certain times of day
  • Stay present on Twitter during your vacation
  • Maintain presence in your activity stream, even when you are not available
  • Never forget a fellow Twitterer's birthday: schedule it!
  • Trick your boss: of course you are Tweeting you're leaving the office at 8 PM!


The demo site can be found on

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